Local Energy Calculation


I am trying to calculate the local energy of every pixel using diff_color function. To do so, I pass the indexes of 2 pixels to the function, but I keep getting this error message:

src/energy.c:54:29: error: passing 'int' to parameter of incompatible type 'struct pixel'
                diff_color ((j-1, i), ( j, i)); 

Am I doing something wrong? Could you please help me with the issue? Thanks in advance

You can’t pass the index of the pixels. You need to pass arguments of type struct pixel.
You can (for example) define two pointer to your currently visited pixels and pass their value as arguments:

struct pixel* a = /* no spoilers */;
struct pixel* b = /* no spoilers */;
diff_color(*a, *b); // this line would evaluate to the color difference of a and b
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I might have a misunderstood hier:

like for the pixels in the first row (expect for the very first one…ought to be 0):

their local energy should be diff_color(*a, *(a-1))*diff_color(*a, *(a-1))?

for the pixel in the first column (except the very first one):

diff_color(*a, *(the one direct above a))*diff_color(*a, *(the one direct above a))?

the other normal ones then
diff_color(*a, *(a-1))*diff_color(*a, *(a-1)) + diff_color(*a, *(the one direct above a))*diff_color(*a, *(the one direct above a)) ?

The energy for a pixel p ist calculated as follows:
(pseudo code)

// where x = any pixel position, w = image width
pixel p = pixels[x];
pixel pixel_neighbor_left = pixels[x-1];
pixel pixel_neighbor_upper = pixels[x-w];

// sum up color differences
local_energy_of_p =
     diff_color(p, pixel_neighbor_left) +
     diff_color(p, pixel_neighbor_upper);

Hope that pseudo code makes it more clear :slight_smile:

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ok, i see, one last confirmation:

if the pixel position is on the very first column:
the it should be
local_energy_of_p =
diff_color(p, pixel_neighbor_upper);

cause its left neighbor does not exists, so their diff_color is zero?

Exactly. Only visit neighbors that exist :slight_smile: @Lux

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