Laptops for tutorial or lectures?

do we need to have our own laptops for the tutorial or the lectures or can one fulfil the needs of the course with a pc?


A laptop is certainly not required for this course. It can be used during lectures, but will not be needed.
In tutorials, we will typically ask you to put any laptops away and work on paper instead (as the exam and tests are also on paper).

The main situation in which a laptop may be useful is if you visit the Office Hours for help with your project, but I’m sure we can find other ways to help you if that’s not an option.

EDIT: Attending the Office Hours without a Laptop is not really possible. The tutors need to look at your code to help you with your questions. Also, there will be tutorials where a Laptop might be required. So having one is a huge advantage for prog2 and will be needed for many other lectures in the future too. Maybe consider getting one.