Language support Java

everytime I open my project, I get this.
What should I do?

A bit of a shot in the dark: maybe try pressing CTRL + SHIFT + P, and then typing “Java: Clean Java Language Server Workspace” in VS Code (as suggested here and here). Then, a message box that you will need to confirm to clear the extension’s workspace should show up.

If that does not fix it, the logs might contain helpful information.

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I didn’t work.

this is schown for example in the logs:

  message: 'You have loaded library /home/prog2/.config/Code - OSS/User/globalStorage/ which might have disabled stack guard. The VM will try to fix the stack guard now.\n' +
    "It's highly recommended that you fix the library with 'execstack -c <libfile>', or link it with '-z noexecstack'.",
  level: 'info',
  timestamp: '2022-06-09 12:49:58.959'
{ message: '\n', level: 'info', timestamp: '2022-06-09 12:49:58.959' }
  message: 'The Language Support for Java server crashed 5 times in the last 3 minutes. The server will not be restarted.',
  level: 'error',
  timestamp: '2022-06-09 12:49:59.063'

I can’t reproduce the issue locally, so finding a solution is a bit tricky.

Are you using the VM? Did you install some additional software? Do you use a 32-bit system?
Apparently, this kind of error can occur if the library does not match the Java Runtime Environment, in particular if you use a 32-bit JRE with a 64-bit library.
In case you are not using the VM, or a modified version, could you try the original Prog2 VM?