Issue while debugging

Ive finished the projekt with all daily tests positive but when i run ./bin/carve_debugg -n x
“image_file” with any x bigger than 2 the picture doesnt change anymore.It only removes 2 seams and adds 2 rows of black pixels to the right side of “out.ppm”, it works fine for x = 0,1,2 but after 2 it doesnt do anything anymore

Apperently there’s an error in the way you implemented the algorithm, the number of black columns should be equal to the input for n.
Hint: have a look at your seam arrays and check if that path is legal/plausible.


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ive done some testing, mainly by implementing multiple printfs() with arguments from my function to check if everything is in order and im unsure why exactly it works now because ive changed small things here and there but my main problem was the way i accessed the pixels that were to be filled in black in carve_path{}

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