Is there any hope when someone didnt get enough points in minitests?

Hello. I just wrote the minitest for today and dont have the feeling it was good. I still need a good amount of points. In case I got too few points in the test today (so 15 in the last tests wouldnt be enough for 50% in total), is there any hope left? Maybe bonus points in the last test or when someone was good in the projects or something like that?
Not sure if something like this has already been said anywhere. That, and the fact that in programming 1 and in other lectures there were sometimes bonus points, are the reasons im asking.
Thanks in advance for an answer :slight_smile:


Last summer semester there was an extra “bonus” test on all subjects and.
every student was allowed to write it, there were (if I remember correctly) 9 bonus points.

Unfortunately I am also missing some points because I missed a complete test and I am not allowed to write the substitute test because the reason for my absence was not sufficient.
So I also hope that there will be such a test or at least bonus points (e.g. for tasks in all subject areas) in the last test.

The tests this semester are pretty much on the same level as the ones last summer semester (in terms of difficulty, that’s perfectly fine). I just find it a bit questionable, because last time you wrote the tests online (because of Corona) and this gave you the possibility to use all the materials (online compiler, lecture PDF, lecture recordings …). Of course this was not allowed, but still it was not checked, accordingly you could do it and many will have done it.
In addition, there was EVERY time a minitest appointment in the week after the regular test, which was extremely helpful if you missed a date for unimportant reasons.

This might be something to think about, even though it might mean a little extra work for the tutors.
This is also not meant in a bad way, but as constructive criticism.


If there will be a bonus test, we will announce it with a news notification.

As you said it was not allowed and a violation of the rule led to zero points.
The tests are approximately as easy/difficult as the years before (the last year as well as the years before corona).
In previous (non-corona) years, the tests were performed in the same style. The only difference in teaching style was that there were no lecture recordings at that time.

Still try to score as many points as possible.

If you are close to the admission condition and know for yourself that you are able to successfully take part in the exam,
contact us after the last test to discuss this special situation.


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What exactly means “close” to the admission condition? are we talking about 1 point or 5 points or…?


There will be additional bonus points in today’s test that will help to achieve admission.