Is it possible to repeat a missed minitest?

What do I do when I can’t participate in a minitest because of illness or quarantine? Would I get a second chance to write it or do I just have to work extra hard to get the points in the other tests?

We provide an extra minitest at the end of the semester for students who were unable to attend a test.
If you provide reasonable evidence for your illness or quarantine (e.g. doctors certificate, test result), you are eligible for the extra test.
You may also be eligible for other reasons, we will decide this on case-by-case basis. (But “vacation” obviously does not count.)
In either case you have to write to me immediately, otherwise you shouldn’t expect to be eligible to participate in the extra test.
Even if you don’t have the doctors certificate/test result/… yet, you still have to notify me directly about your absence and send the evidence afterwards.

Please contact me directly per mail and attach the evidence: