How to view what has been pushed to git

So I believe I just pushed my check_victory.asm to the git server. Where can I see that this is the case? If I try to go to (in my case), which is where the console states my push went to, I need to log in, however none of my logins work.
How did I check to make sure my stuff actually arrived on the server/where do I go to get an overview over what’s currently up?


The seemingly easiest way I could find to solve this is using the command git log --raw which outputs a list of all recent commits, the corresponding commit message and a list of all files that were changed. What it doesn’t return you is a detailled listing of the exact changes.
For that purpose I can recommend using git diff to compare the current status of your files or of a specific file to the most recently pushed version.
I recommend taking a look at the documentation of these commands for more details.

Two general tips from my personal experience are to write detailled commit messages and to use git status frequently to check what you are actually adding, committing and pushing.

Normally as long as there were no errors while pushing your files should have arrived on the server, you will also get an email with daily test results at least once a day if you pushed something since the tests last run. In the cms you can then check what commit was tested and what possibly went wrong under Statistics>>Tests and compare that to the commit number you see when using git log or git log --raw.



What I also like to do if I am completely lost or unsure if I really have pushed everything I wanted, I do go to another directory and clone the repository again, which gives me the files in exactly the way they are stored on the server currently, which can be easier in than looking threw a messy log or if the outputs of git log --raw and git diff are to overwhelming.

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If you are really unsure, just clone the repo anew to a different folder. This way, you download the current state of your repo, including what you pushed.

I personally use git log --oneline to see a list of my commits. The commit that has been pushed is denoted with (origin/master). To see what the commit consists of, use git checkout <commit-id>, with “commit-id” being the hash that is annotated at your commit. To change back to master, use git checkout master.