How to see the whole preview

how is it possible to see the whole “picture” of the preview (either board or piece), I can just see the pieces to the green and I am not able to scroll in the picture.


The window should look something like this.
Is the problem, that your screen height is not large enough and the GUI gets cut at the bottom?

What is your screen resolution?

I can see more or less exactly this, but only to the 5th row and I can’t make it smaller

so T and Z are not visible at all

also, one of my Js randomly turned red, but I think this may be another problem :joy:

On any modern monitor, the whole GUI should comfortably fit on the screen.
Are you working inside the VM and the VM window is very small?

You could change line 13 in to

	public static final int BLOCK_SIZE = 15;

or something even smaller.
That would make every tile smaller.
But it does not fix your resolution issue.

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worked, thanks!