How to play quantum version from command line


I’m trying to play the quantum version from the command line by typing:

bin/wordle_debug 5 data/5.txt quantum

However, this will only start the non-quantum version. What exactly do I have to enter to start the quantum mode or how can I find that out? In main.c I saw that if argc > 3 and if argv[3][0] takes one of 5 specific values, then quantum = true. I already tried typing ‘y’ and y instead of quantum as the third argument but that didn’t work. For some reason, even bin/wordle_debug 5 data/5.txt quantum y started the non-quantum version. Is there an issue in my code or do I just type the wrong commands?

argv[3] is the third argument of the program (the “quantum” above).
Therefore, you can run quantum wordle with
bin/wordle_debug 5 data/5.txt yes or
bin/wordle_debug 5 data/5.txt true or
bin/wordle_debug 5 data/5.txt 1

You could also use the GUI.

Note: argv[0] is the program name that is being executed as seen in the usage prompt.

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