How to get the correct adress

I am currently woriking on move_one, but I am struggling to get to the Board Content, probably bc I got the wrong address. If a0 is the “Base address of an array of addresses representing a row” (Introduction), so that means that the first content in a0 (aka ($a0)) will be the base address of my board, right? Or do I need to add something to the address to get to the board?



You’ve got it exactly right. The individual tiles of the board are represented in memory by a half word, starting at the base address. So the first tile is at the base address, the second tile is at the base address +2, and so on. It should work the same way when you’re given individual rows, as is the case in the function you’re trying to implement.


Okay thanks,
but everytime I try to store something in the address I got from ($a0) (which should be the base address) there is a runtime failure. So the program is compiling, but the test does not work bc I can’t store anything in the address I got :frowning:

oh nvmd, I just got it.