How should a game start?

When i started on the game implementation i tought that the board should be empty and the current piece should be null. I made this guess based on the public tests we have. However working on the autoplayer contradicts this assumtion. when executing the Autoplayer game view currently everything works fine. This is because i figuered out that there is indeed a piece placed when i copy the board of the game given to the autoplayer(since i can clone the current piece and remove it from the board without an execption). The public autoplayer test however has an error claiming that the current piece is null. So i am currently here with an existing piece that does not exist.

1.Should the board be empty at creation of the game ?
2.Should the current piece be null at creation of the game?

I found a workaround for the problem. The answer to the question might still be relevant.

Yes, at the beginning (invocation of the constructor), the board is empty and the current piece is null.

In the autoplayer playout method, however, there is a first step before the auto player is created.