How can we debug single public tests?

Hi, is it possible to debug single public tests? If yes, how can we debug them? Thanks in advance!

Hey @kaja,

yes that’s possible. You can run ./test/ -f <testname>.
To get a list of all possible tests run ./test/ -l.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Hi David, thanks for your answer. Unfortunately that didn’t work. Even though I set some breakpoints I only got the standard stdout feedback and couldn’t manually jump between my lines.

Sorry, I misunderstood your question.
Something like Testboxes, as seen in the previous project, aren’t possible anymore.
This was already discussed and explained in this thread. Anyway, your Texteditor “Code” offers own in-built possibilities to debug a C program line-by-line.
Here are some explanations on that topic: YouTube Link #1, YouTube Link #2.

Unfortunately, debugging isn’t that easy anymore like last time, I guess :smiley:


//edit: another way would be to add own stdout prints to “debug” your code. It isn’t real debugging but with additional printf statements you can manage to get a deeper understanding of what your program is doing too, without quiet complicated debugging addons or something :slight_smile:
But please keep in mind to remove these printf-statements again, before pushing. They count as a fault!

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We are currently configuring some VSCode settings which can be used to debug the code effectively inside IDE. We expect to publish them later today.


Thank you very much. Printf did it for the beginning :slight_smile:

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