HISPOS Registration for exam


on my personal status page it says under Hauptklausur – Hispos:

You have to register in Hispos until 22.07.2022 23:59 . You can take the exam only if you registered in Hispos.

I registered three days ago, should I still be seeing this message?

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The message on your status page will be updated when the registrations from the LSF/HISPOS are imported.
This will happen in the next two weeks.

I have registered in LSF/HISPOS for the main exam. Therefore, no registration for the post-exam is possible.
However, in the CMS it says for both dates that you must have registered by 22.7. Will the registration for the post-exam in LSF/HISPOS still be activated or how does it work?

Yes, this is correct.
You can only register for the re-exam after the grades for the main exam are entered into the LSF.
You will be still able to register for the re-exam after you wrote the main exam.
The dates should be fixed now.