Header file not found in macOS

in my VSCode it says ‘dict.h’ file not found. I tried following everything in the forum about patch.sh in macOS, but nothing seems to work. How can i fix this?

If it is a warning you can simply ignore it, see the thread:

I believe it is an error instead of a warning. A tutor helped me to get it momentarily fixed in today’s Office Hour(i’m not quite sure how), but somehow this problem reappear again.

In that case, could you please give more detail?

It’s hard to identify your issue if we don’t know exactly what is shown and where.
A screenshot might also work, if you can take it in such a way that you do not show your code (other than the #include line).

Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 19.24.36
This is happening in a .c file that i created in src.
p.s : this is happening as well for every file in the folder “include”. For example, #include “test_common.h” is also showing the same error. This error also shows up in every .c file (main.c, test_main.c, unit_tests.c)

Well, does your code compile when executing make?

If yes, please just ignore this.

Yes it does, since the red lines appears all over the .c file (when for example i use Trie , which is defined in the header file) i just thought it was quite annoying and makes it hard to distinguish errors that are ignore-able and not. Thank you for your answers and patience!

Does the error still occur?
clang(pp_file_not_found) means that the clang plugin does not find the header files. The correct .clangd file which is created in patch.sh and at every call of make should fix that.