Handing in tetris tournament autoplayer

Im currently in the process of optimizing my autoplayer to score a lot of points in 5000 steps, as it is the limit in the tournament. That, unfortunately, leads to it failing pretty early after 5000 steps, which wouldn’t be good, if there was an evaluation test later on, which for example tested, wether our autoplayer could reach a certain high amount of lines cleared or steps reached.
My question therefore is: Will the tetris autoplayer, which we hand in for evaluation, be the one, which will compete in the tournament? Our can we hand in our tournament autoplayer somehow seperately, as was mentioned in the project presentation (quote: “Autoplayers will need to be handed in seperately, if you wish to participate”)?

From the tournament description:

You are automatically enlisted if you passed all public tests as well as the AutoPlayer daily tests.

Where does the other quote come from?

Regarding the step count:
We always play at most 5000 steps with an AI on a board in all test cases (or until a criterion is met that should be reached long before 5000 steps on any sensible AI).

Thanks :smiley:

The quote is from the Tetris : Project Presentation Slides.

Thanks. This is a typo. We will correct it.