GUI moves and points.asm

all of my tests work fine and the game is playable, I am just confused about the GUI.
There is the moves counter, it does not increase at all. Is it supposed to increase by 1 for every move (shift tiles, merge, shift tiles) or for every merge like the bonus task results them in $v0?
Also the points in the GUI count up like specified in the pdf even though I did not put anything into points.asm, is this supposed to happen? Or should I still implement the formula for more points in the eval?

  • Daniel
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Oh I must have overlooked that topic, sorry.
But what about points.asm?
It is never mentioned anywhere in the documentation, and the points in the GUI add up already. Do we need to implement it for points in the project? Because the bonus task just states give back # of merges and points of the merges in the complete_move.asm…

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