GUI missing moves

I experimented around with the GUI for a while and I’d like to know how realistic the implementation is supposed to be. For example with the field below, I am unable to move left, althoug my complete_move subroutine works in the given (edit: customised) testcase.
Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-05 um 13.58.05

To check, if it’s a Problem of your own Implementation, you can run ./build_testbox tests/pub/test_complete_move_1.asm. Then modify your test_complete_move_1.asm in such a way, that you replicate this situation. You can do this by inserting 32, 8, 2, 2 in the tested line.



unfortunately, passing all tests does not mean that the implementation is 100% correct (even if you pass all secret tests it does not guarantee correctness). So, yes it would be a good idea to write custom tests, like @stuermsi suggested, to check your program’s behavior for edge cases.

good luck
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My question was stated poorly. I have indeed written a test that checks this combination, and it worked. Still the gui doesn’t.

We do not guarantee that the GUI is flawless. There might or might not be bugs which we have overlooked.


Okay, thank you for the answers. I won’t worry about it so much then.
If someone is able to execute this or a similar move it would be great if they could share it briefly.

Although the project is already finished, I wanted to clear up the post. I found a bug in my code and after fixing it, the GUI works fine now. My move_check function had skipped a few combinations. Thanks for all your help.

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