"guess" tests do not work

Hello again

little question: My game is fully playable (as far as I can see), but I do not pass any of the “guess” dailys.
I had the same problem with the “print” tests, but there was just a missing whitespace.
Now I am searching for stupid errors I could have made which prevent the tests from passing.
Any ideas? I already checked the spelling and all the whitespaces. :frowning:


Can your guess function handle inputs with more than k characters (without exit())? Does it return a pointer to the input word, if the dictionary is empty?


Well, have you tried debugging your function? Or alternatively, invoked the actual game from the command line and checked whether the input handling looks exactly like it it supposed to look (see here)?

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empty dictionary yes, handle bigger Inputs not, I’m still trying to figure out how to do this

yes, both :slight_smile:

Well, if you debugged them, you should see what the expected and actual results were and how they were computed, shouldn’t you?

Edit: please ignore the post, I missed that you were only failing the daily tests.

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Looking at your implementation, there are several things wrong with it, including that the function returns strings that are not properly NULL-terminated. Also, try playing your game with k > 8.

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