Give fast feedback test

Since I do not have any insight in the daily tests and have been thinking about it enough: What does the Give fast feedback test test? nullpointer / empty feedback? Wrong k?

The tests are called secret for a reason :wink:

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As a hint, the tests are usually not named by accident.

In particular, can you think of anything in the project we require to be reasonably “fast” (in particular, not “slow”), possibly involving “feedback”?

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Ah well, there I though it would be printFeedback, but its for getFeedback(). I assume this will be runtime test to see if the algorithm is indeed running in linear time.
Just was wandering.
@Tim.B can I force to trigger the secret feedback to be shown in my test feedbacks. :thinking: (Joking of course.)

I’m not Tim.B, but experience shows that being able to do things and being allowed to do things are not necessarily the same.

In particular, I would very, very, strongly advice against trying to “trick” or “hack” the testing infrastructure into doing anything that it’s not supposed to do, including but not limited to showing more feedback or leaking you the test inputs/checks. In particular, consider §202a StGB.

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§202a Steve’s Great Birthday. Ok, I will not be mean to Steve.
Wait, who fo you guys is now Tim/Johannes? Are you interchanging accounts? :joy:

Never, that would violate §12 BGB. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Idk, are we?

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I don’t know. I am just an innocent bystander, looking for some fast feedback. :eyes:

Sounds like §238 StGB.

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Now you gave me paranoia! :eye: No, seriously though, I get a proximity warning and now the fire alarm is starting and suddenly my computer starts getting very