Feedback: Information about flaws in submitted code

We received the anonymous feedback that it would be nice to get more information about how the code was wrong if one did not receive full points.

There are daily tests that show you errors while implementing.
Then there are your own tests that should hopefully cover all realistically possible cases.
Additionally, there are the eval tests that run once and act as a judging oracle that tells you whether your code is correct (no guarantee for completeness).
You get all the names that tell you a bit about the error and you get the information if there is an error.
The presence alone should be helpful to you.
You know there is an error you can find and write more tests for if you want to find it.

Even if the project is over, feel free to continue discussions about it in the forum.
You can be a bit freer now that judging is over.

Additionally, you can always ask the tutors during the Office Hour about your project (even if the deadline is over).
But also take care to first search yourself for the bug and write test cases.

Lastly, thanks to the author for the feedback. It is appreciated.
But keep in mind that in contrast to a forum post, we can not answer anonymous feedback as we do not know the author.