Fatal error cloning the new project


i have sume struggles cloning the newest project onto my machine i would greatly appreciate a reply which explaines why this Error accures.


Maybe try:

git clone https://prog2scm.cdl.uni-saarland.de/git/project4/Mathieu.S

There is meant to be an empty space between git clone https://prog2scm.cdl.uni-saarland.de/git/project4/Mathieu.S and ./home/prog2/project4.


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Yeah i realized that already but if im not typing the space it randamly spits out that i do not have the permission to enter this directory.

The second part simply specifies a directory the project will get cloned into. If for some reason this one does not work, try out a different directory.

The Problem is, that i cant access the directory where the project is saved. and withoutpermission cloning is rather difficult.

thanks anyways.

I am confused, you need that space and you say if you do not type it, it does not work?

So if i type the space it git replies with the fatal error message that the directory is not found.

if i dont type the space git replies with the fatal error that i do not have permission to acces this directory. So either way it sucks.

You probably are in windows and not the VM.
Therefore, the folder /home/ (and especially /home/prog2) will not exist.

You should just type the command without the folder specifier

git clone https://prog2scm.cdl.uni-saarland.de/git/project4/Mathieu.S

to clone it in the current folder (of your terminal).


That worked thank you very much. Your explanation was really easy to follow and worked immediatly.

Weirdly enough on my home setup the exact same link that i posted earlier worked (obviously also not being in the VM) .

Anyways thanks ^^