Exam Inspection/Re-Exam PSA: How many points do I need to pass/get a better grade?

In case you were wondering if it was worth going to the exam inspection or the re-exam I made a spreadsheet that can answer that question. It is based on the description of the grading process on the main page of the lecture and assumes that the “linear interpolation” for grades is, for x\in[0.5,1], given by:

f(x) = 7 - 6 * x 

You only have to enter your project points and your exam points. (Fields: Actual)

Column G shows what exam score you need to get in the exam to get a certain grade, assuming a fixed project score. Values which are not attainable are marked red.

Column H shows how many points you need to get in addition to your exam score to get to the next highest total score. Values over 10 are marked red. (I can not actually tell you how many points you might get during the inspection)

Enter your score using decimal points, i.e. 22.5, not 22,5.


I would encourage everyone to go to the exam inspection, regardless of whether you think you can improve your grade or not - especially if you’re considering going to the re-exam, since it will give you valuable insight both into where your problems were, but also into how the exam was graded.

Furthermore, we spent a long time yesterday grading a large number of exams, so mistakes are bound to happen - if you got less points than you expected on any exercise, it might be worth checking that it was graded correctly.