Evaluation tests/grading

If we pass the daily tests, how much more challenging are the evaluation tests? Is it safe to say we can expect to get at least half the points if we’ve passed all the daily tests?


You can not really draw any conclusions about the evaluation tests from the daily tests, and you can especially not put a ratio to it. However, it is safe to say that evaluation tests are not renamed daily tests - they will obviously be different in some way.
The main point you should focus on, is writing a correct implementation based on the specification provided. Tests in general can not tell you if your program is 100% correct, but if they fail, there is certainly an error in your implementation (at least if we assume that the tests by themselves are correct). If you pass all of the daily tests, then your program computes the correct output for the given test inputs - this is usually a good sign.
If you are uncertain, you can also write additional tests yourself.

TLDR: Don’t overthink what the evaluation tests will be like, but rather look at your code and test it yourself.