Error/Edge Case not covered in the project?

I just played around with the gui and went game over. But the game would not actually be over. This is the gameover state:
EDIT: see screenshot
However, we dont check for this, because we assume that the playing field is one long array.
Is my code still correct if this edge case is not covered? Am I right that this case is not covered in the project or did I misunderstand something or just made a mistake?
Thanks in advance for answers

I don’t understand your question, does the gui tells you that the game is over? Because there is still a move left (moving downwards). If this is the case, your check_move subroutine might have a little bug.


No. It doesnt tell me the game is over, which it in general doesnt. The move down should work, but the gui does not accept any input anymore. Maybe the gui crashed.
Merging and moving up and down works fine. I dont think my checkmove has a bug.
I try to recreate that or a similar situation in the terminal of mars, so we can be sure it is not the gui crashing or sth like that.

Ok nevermind, my check_move was wrong. Fixed it now and everything works.

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the pictures shows an edge case indeed :slight_smile: