Do i have a mistake in my Code

All my Tests work perfectly fine. I played a bit with the gui where i noticed some mistakes i made. So i optimized my code. Still all tests pass. But now i can only make 5 moves in the gui before the gui freezes and i can no longer make any moves. Does that indicate that there is something wrong with my code?
And how do you execute the programm in the terminal without the gui, because if that works i know my code is fine?
thanks in advance


passing all tests does not guarantee any correctness. We also do not guarantee for the gui’s correctness, but since it works without any issues for our reference implementation, this might indicate that there is still a small bug in your code. You can execute the program in MIPS by first assemble and then run (the green arrow at the top). It will then ask you if you want a pretty print (where you can enter 1 (yes) or 0 (no)) and then start the game. You can play using WASD.

good luck with it

Lisa :slight_smile: