Deadline Tests Project Java Uri Parser

Dear Assistants and Tutors,

having had the outage at Uni and thus the very unfortunate schedule delay for the project, you kindly gave us 3 more days to get finished with the last project.

Sadly, it looks like most of us are still going to “pay for it” since the schedule for the tests remains the same, thus, basically rendering the previous additional time ineffective in not only my eyes but also in the eyes of many other students. I understand that staying in schedule is very important. However, I would have wished for a smoother return to the normal schedule by providing at least 1 day more for the next project and finally returning back to normal schedule 1 week later.

I ask this to be kindly taken into account not only for private reasons but also because for many others students with whom I have talked and got stressed-out/panicky questions about the project. The deadline seems to me to be somewhat unrealistic provided the reasons above and additional ones like: New language to learn, new style of coding to learn, learning to get to know a completely new technique (writing test-suites).

It would be nice if the deadline was postponed for 1 day. Many students are afraid of speaking out but I think they are feeling the same or at least a somewhat similar way.
Thus, I would find 1 day more for the test-suites reasonable and then returning back to the normal schedule.

It would be very kind if this request would at least be heard by the orginizing parties for the server tests.

Thanks for your reply in advance!

Yours sincerely,


Why hasn’t anyone responded to this?

It would at least be fair to get a response to this post.


It is true that the last days of the wordle project overlapped with the new project.
As compensation, there were three additional days without tests so that
the test runs (the overlapping days) could be used to iron out the last bugs.
We understand that feedback on the daily tests is important and helpful.
That is why we gave you the additional three days and why the tests run daily.
But in the end, you have to write correct software from the specification and create your own tests.
Thus, later daily test feedback should not be decremental.

Regarding the new complexity, I would see less of an issue as the project is very similar
in structure to the C projects. Even designing and thinking about unit tests and edge cases
should not be too different as you had many examples in C and had to design your own tests for quantum wordle as no public ones were provided.
The difference is that Java provides more libraries that make testing easier.
To get used to it, we provided many examples in exercises and the project presentation.

We understand that there is certain time pressure. But we want to keep the structure
and want you to learn the importance of first writing all the tests before beginning to code as to
learn time and project management.