Daily tests information

Im still struggling with daily tests owl 2 and owl 3 because im not sure what functions they use and thus why they fail. Can i assume test owl_2 and 3 both call find_and_carve_path with some parameters related to owl 2 and owl 3 or is it another function?

In principle, you can assume nothing about the daily tests.
You can conjecture that they do something with the owl image.

From the naming scheme of other tests, it might be the case that they carve a path compared to other tests that print the statistic.
But they might do something different.

You can write your own tests to check what is working and what is not.
Also, reread the description carefully to check if you understood everything correctly.

does it make a difference if i print a newline after writing each pixel in out.ppm or should i only add a \n after ive printed the last pixel in a row?

All numbers encoding colors of pixels have to be separated by some whitespace. It doesn’t really matter which kind or how much – for the tests. But it’s probably still a good idea to do it the same way as it is done in the project description, I am not sure whether some image viewer may be more picky about this.