Daily Test testExpression

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Have you checked that your tests are correct (by letting them run on the server).

Keep the documentation in mind:

  • Do not write your own tests in this class. Use another class in this package.

Have you checked that you have tests for all the possible expressions and cases?

I did uploaded all the tests (I do this usually to check them).
Of course, I wrote them all in the class MyTests.
Honstly, I still have to check the division. Otherwise, I believe, sofar I’ve considered all expression, it’s hard to say how well my tests covered the various (edge) cases.

You should not write them in the MyTests.
Ideally, you group them by what they are tested and give every group its own class.
The custom tests in MyTests are not executed (as stated in the comment).

Then there might be an error in one of the edge cases or for division.

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