Daily Test Run - CMS Outage


My last commit is from Friday night.

Due to the CMS outage, no daily test has been run with this commit. Do I have to make another commit now or will the daily test still run with this commit? If yes, when?
Nothing has run yet today.

The tests ran on a commit from your repo on Friday.
There were also daily test runs today.

If you did not receive mails for these runs and do not see them on the statistics page, it might be due to bad timing with the outage.

In any case, the daily tests will run on new commits if you push again.

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Thank you.

Then it must have been a timing problem. I pushed at about 1:30 - 2:00 at night and shortly before (22:15 or so) a daily test ran.

I have now pushed my project again and now I will wait for the next test run.

And it is clearly visible in the Commit history that the tests did not run for my latest commit from Friday night (Commit: 00:57, …4264b)

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