Confusion about implement wordle.c

Dear team,

I think some of the fellow students might still be confused of implementing the wordle.c because of the char* selected1, char* selected2 from generateDict and char* word1, char* word2 from getfeedback.

I know we need to consider the case whether selected2 or word2 is NULL or not by playing Qwordle in main.c, if they are, then we only need to implement the simple wordle game with only one word…feedback will be CORRECT, WRONGPOS, WRONG…otherwise implement the case with two words and the feedbacks should be QUANTUMCORRECT, QUANTUMWRONGPOS, WRONG for both words, if the player did not win

so my question is should we also consider this situation in wordle.c and already implement this special case where selected2 and word2 are not NULL in generateDict and getfeedback or should we do this first in main.c
(I am still confused because one fellow student told me that we can just ignore the selected2 and word2 by implementing wordle.c. Only in main.c must we include the cases where selected2 and word2 are not NULL…)

thanks in advance…

I see, thanks for your explanation :+1: