Cloning repos in VM

I can’t clone any repo because authentication is failing, even though I use the correct password and username from the CMS. I am using the VPN, the link is spelled correctly and used correct capitalization.
I used the instructions of the Project 1 file. Other topics about this in the forum didn’t help. What can I do now?

Make a double check that you fulfill all points:

Check if you can clone the lecture repository.
If you can’t and you checked all points, visit an office hour and ask a tutor for assistance.

And if it is still not working, visit the Office Hour tomorrow (2pm-4pm) in SR 015 in building E1.3.
Maybe a tutor there can help you with your problem :slightly_smiling_face:

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Another thing to consider is that your keyboard layout in the VM might be different. Try typing your password into the console to see whether it is entered correctly.

Also, make sure that there are no non-ASCII-signs in your password. If there are, change it.


It is possible to change the keyboard layout using the command setxkbmap. For example, to change the keyboard layout to German, use setxkbmap de.

Alternatively, press the “de” or “en” or “us” text in the lower right part of the status bar to change it.

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