Cloning problem

I cant type in my pw in the console when i try to clone the project. Username ist working but when i try to typ in my pw nothing happens.

You have to type in your password when prompted and then press enter.
Your keystrokes are registered but no characters (or placeholders like *) are printed.
This is a security feature to prevent anyone looking at your screen from observing the length of your password.

Still I enterd my cms pw and it failed. I cheked out the tips in other threads but i got norhing wrong in the url or my username. And the vpn is working.

Then you should visit the office hour tomorrow where the tutors can help you fix the problem.

Did you press enter after entering the password?

Yes I entered my PW and pressed enter

Have you made sure that the keyboard layout (US vs. DE) is the one that you want? In the VM the default layout is US, which switches some keys compared to the German one.

It wasnt the keyboard layout, I used my numb pad from habit. Without num pad it is working fine