Can every IPv4 address also be a regname

Hello, when looking at the grammar i realized that there is no way to be sure that a host should be an IPv4 address. This is because every possible IPv4 address can also be crafted with the grammar of a regname. So if i want to have the regname, how should the parser know that it is not an IPv4 address?
A possible solution could be that every regname that could also be an IPv4address is interpreted as an Ipv4address. However this seems not intuitional since it is never stated directly that it is like this
Thank you in advance

This is indeed the case here.
It is stated in the text above the grammar:

  • alternatives separated by slashes ({@code /})
  • The leftmost has the highest priority and the rightmost alternative the least.
  • host = IPv4address / reg-name