C gives me errors on files i havent touched

When i download the projekt and start editing the function image_brightness in image.c i got random code in the files thats flagged as some sort of error: its underlined in orange and in the outline section it gives me a number next to the function and when i hover over it in says n number of problem in this element.i am very sure ive only edited the files in the function image_brightness and dont understand why these already made files are full of errors

Is this a problem in all source files?

only in image.c so far

OK. What is the underlined code about? Something like NOT_IMPLEMENTED;?

on the red underline here it says “function definition not allowed here”
(its the last few lines of image.c)

Perhaps a closing bracket to a previous function body is missing?

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yes that solved it actually for this issue, thanks

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next are these lines

– Source code removed –

“Call to function ‘fscan’ is insecure as it does not provide security checks introduced in the c11 standard.Replace analogous functions that support length arguments or provides boundary checks such as ‘fscan_s’ in case of c11”

I believe that is a warning, not an error. Ignore that.

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You can ignore that warning. It only has to do with program safety, because fscan could be exploited when deployed in the wild.