Buildbot states Build-Errors but all daily tests run

at first I implemented some additional useless methodes in but deleted everything and all references that could remain from them. But the feedback in the CMS still states “error while compiling with exit status 1”. I have done a few pushes on the server since then (and the daily tests run with a reasonable number of successing results).
Should I be worried that this build error can have an impact on the project evaluation?

Thanks everyone in advance

The recent log is from today for commit a4ed1b0657a24ec83401c2cbac3cc3a514c1d0ef.
The compilation for each stage was successful and you should have received the results.

The compilation yesterday for
was also successful.

Exactly. That’s why I’m confused

So you got the correct results by mail but the statistics page displays something different?
Does the statistics page display an old commit hash and results?

Both the mail and the statistics page show the test results for the latest commit. But in addition the statistics tells “Build-Fehler” because of 22 calls of methods which were deleted since the commit c1efdsp... on monday.
I just hope that this is some bug in the CMS so the old error doesn’t get deleted (and not that my git is broken and picks the HEAD nondeterministically (just wanted to be sure about it))