Build Error in MyTetrisFactory

i get this build error for several commits now and i dont know what to change.
I dont think the cause is the imports, but i have literally no clue where this error could come from then.


Thanks for every help

The error does not occur in your latest commit (yesterday afternoon) 94b95a2c.
It did occur in 172ef45 (3 days ago) because you did not add to your git repository.

Thanks for you quick answer but i am a bit comfused now, because my statistics page recognized this commit 94b95a2c:


But the Build Error is still occuring with this commit. I think there must be something wrong with my code.

You should now receive the test results again for this commit per mail and statistics page.

Okay thanks. In my mail account there is no Build Error anymore, in the last test yesterday there was none either. Just on the Statistics Page the error is still there …

Thanks :slight_smile: