Autoplayer timeouts

My autoplayer also considers the next piece. However, I fail two of the daily tests due to timeout issues. If I disable the considersation of the next piece, the daily tests pass. My question now is: Why is there such a strict timeout policy for the tests? Especially as the project descritption does not point that out.
I ask as I wonder if this may cause trouble in the evaluation tests of the project: If the timeouts are on a per game (and not per move basis), it could happen that, if the game takes to long due to many steps, the test fails (even if I do not consider the next piece and the seed simply leads to good sequences of pieces). Do I have to worry about this?

Thanks in advance.

Note that the “tournament project description” points out that the time limit is 50 seconds. The timeout is per full game. The game takes at most 5000 steps, so you should compute the next step in about 10 milliseconds. Note that this amortizes, so that you can initially take a longer time computing the optimal position for a piece, and then memorize the path such that the next steps become much quicker.

Thanks for your quick reply. Are you referring to 10 milliseconds per move? With next piece consideration, my autoplayer takes about 15 ms per move which would then really be too slow.
Regarding my question at the end of my initial post: In certain configurations of my autoplayer there exist seeds where it does not get game over but reaches the step limit (without running into timeouts). Is that a problem for the eval tests? If so, I would hand in a weaker version of the autoplayer that does not have such problems but does not score that high, on the other hand side.

Yes. Maths is hard.

No, if your autoplayer is good, that’s supposed to happen every time. We simply take the score you’ve reached by then.