AssertionError related to parser


I get the following error:


My tests are all correct. Hence, it must be an issue of the parser. I couldn’t figure out yet what could cause this issue.

I already read those posts, but they didn’t help me:

Clearly, your parser has a bug.

No one here will be able to tell you where that bug is, because no one here will look at your code in particular, except you.

So the best solution would be to put a breakpoint in that test, run that specific test using debug mode, and then step through your code until you see where it goes wrong (i.e. you should return null somewhere, but do not), and change your parser so that it no longer does the wrong thing.

Bonus question: Why is that URI invalid? (You wrote the test, so you should know…) Where does your parser check this particular kind of “being wrong”?

Hope this helps,

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