Assembling Horner Program Error

I’ve been working on today’s lecture and wanted to take a closer look at the horner program so I copied the code but found that I get an error message everytime I try to assemble the main file horner_main.asm. The error message reads as such:
“Error in /home/prog2/…/horner_main.asm line 12 column 7: Symbol “horner” not found in symbol table.”

I checked the following already:

  • spelling mistakes
  • executing horner.asm works seamlessly
  • that i put .globl horner (and that they are spelled the exact same way)
  • saved in same folder

Since I copied the code I can’t outrule human error but I stared at the code for way too long now and can’t make out any difference compared to the code from the lecture, so I wanted to ask if there’s a certain way you have to assemble multiple files because it wasn’t explained in today’s lecture.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Julia,

did you enable the “Assemble all files in directory” setting in MARS?


This is needed if you split your project across multiple files.

Hope this helps,


I hadn’t, thanks for the help c: