Array of enums, assigning values

In the exercise about getfeedback,I initialised an array feedback of the type feedback. However, if I try to initialise a value into my array with


I get this error message

expression must be a pointer to a complete object typeC/C++(852)

Is that not how you assign value to an array of enum data type with index i?

Yes, it is the correct way.
Why is your array of type feedback, isn’t the defined enum feedback_result? And shouldn’t it be feedback_result*(pointer)?
Have you made sure that your feedback array has the correct type?
Have you included wordle.h, where the enum is declared?


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Yes, the feedback array has been defined as

enum feedback_result* feedback and used malloc to allocate memory for it.

I forgot to put the pointers in the previous post. I’ve included wordle.h as well and have no issues with declaring feedback.

If I declare feedback as
enum feedback_result** feedback, the assignment feedback[i]=WRONG works. However, without it, I keep getting the same error message.

feedback_result* feedback =...

Should work, I can’t tell why it is not working for you. Maybe, you can come to an Office Hour?


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The enum type is defined as feedback_result.
Therefore you should not write enum in front of using it:

// no "enum" here
feedback_result *getFeedback(char *guess, char *word1, char *word2, int k);

// no "enum" here either 
feedback_result *feedback = ...

When you write enum, C assumes that you want to declare a new type, unless an enum of that name (without typedef) has been declared before.
This new type is never finished. Hence the error speaking of a complete object type.

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